Friday, December 18, 2015

Borrowing from the long arms quilters

You should not do this technique if you do not have the appropriate foot and rulers. If the ruler happen to slide under the foot and hit the needle, it can brake your machine and you wont be happy!

That being said I used my inappropriate ruler and my inappropriate foot to quilt on my domestic sewing machine....I am such a rebel :)

I suck at doing straight lines when doing free motion quilting. Since my present project had many of those, to many changes if direction to use my walking foot, I decided to try the ruler technique ( you can see here a class about this technique Quilting with rulers on home machine )

Or read the teacher's blog right here Amy's free motion Quilting

I am very happy with the results, my line look great (my circles are not that hot :) but this quilt will probably be a VERY good practice)

Want to hear a funny thing I learned lately. Freezer paper is not sold in Quebec!!! I guess us french Canadian are too simple minded folks not to put freezer paper in the to save us from ourselves, we can't buy it anywhere in the province. I had to get a roll at my local quilt shop for 12$ a roll. 
Insane. So if any of my loyal readers want to ship me a Christmas gift, wink wink LOL

I have a Friday finish. My lovely lady is done so I can cross that one too on my to do list :) I might pick up some of the stitches on look like she has a weird skin condition but for the moment they stay.

First time trying McTavishing quilting style on a quilt, 
first portait, 
first time doing confetti technique (the wisteria flowers) 

- Lady at bath
- Mystahhhhhry quilt. So late on that one :(
-  Fall colours ....still ripping the pebbles I FMQ on is taking forever!!!
- The dancer. Quilting right now.
Summer Sun 
Cat at twilight ;)
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  1. Such a great quilt! And I love your rebel ways! (though not your $12 freezer paper. yikes!)

  2. Replies
    1. I use it with my walking foot. It work great. Thank you for passing by

  3. I love rebels!! So I will try this too and do not blame you when it goes wrong. Thanks for sharing.
    Your McTavishing looks great! The quilt is gorgeous!!