Thursday, March 17, 2016

A quilting buffet kind of mood

My quilting is all over the place lately. One hour of this, 15 minutes of that and why not 30 minutes of quilting this. Sometime I will dive into a project and every other projects take a back side until I am done but right now I like the diversity of my quilting buffet. :) 

I am doing slow but steady progress with my Mystahhhry EPP quilt

I finally found the what I want to do next with my Vitrail quilt


oh and look what I found. This quilt was started...hummm 7 years ago I think. My first EPP. I added the border and now thinking about what to add. It would make a great gift for a baby boy. It is not as crooked as it look in the picture :)

And doing progress on my reversible free motion Class quilt. First time using those 2 colors together. It is nice but next time I won't use it for such big panels. I don't have a picture but the other side is much less colorful :) It is the gray and print you see on the square corner block. (Note to self......why do you always wait to hide the threads??? )


  1. You are involved in beautiful projects. I love the quilting. I think we wait to hide the thread, because we are a little bit lazy and it is most of the time no problem.

  2. All of your projects are beautiful and coming right along. I really love the quilting on your Class quilt. I find myself doing the same thing with those pesky little thread tails. I'll snap a picture of my progress to share and realize there are 3 or 4 little tails hanging about.

  3. Yes....well.... I'm guilty of not sorting the thread tails out straight away too so you are not alone. The quilting is lovely though, very even, I'm just at the loopy swirls stage.
    Just linking up via Crazy Mom Quilts
    Smiles from

  4. Nice work! Don't sweat the small stuff, you'll get rid of those thread tails.

  5. Hello Yanicka,

    We don't care about a few tails. The FMQ looks great, and the stitches are really even.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv