Tuesday, June 28, 2016

To do list

I need to put my project in order so here. 

- Cougar Quilt...it is my next low poly project.

- Christmas in July Quilt....it's a surprise just to say that my inspiration is a christmas knitted sweater ;) it has to be done for july 15th ahhhhhhhhhh

- Circle quilt....still basting those when I just need slow stitching

- I am enough quilt....self affirmation quilt. I even think I might present this one in competition.

- Hexagon sun burst ....glue basting a ton of 1/2 inch hexagones


  1. on wow the cougar is a challenge are you doing it like you amazing fox I wonder. The sweater looks complicated best of luck getting it done on time will you get any sleep? Circles looking good but do not envy all the glueing of the hexies such tiny ones.

  2. What cool projects you have, Yanicka! I especially like the circle quilt.

  3. Great list, can't wait to see your progress. Those circles look cool- have you got any other progress shots of these?