Thursday, October 27, 2016

Birds in the garden

This top is done :) It is perfect for big pattern fabrics. I was not quite sure I liked this top frankly .....until I put the birds on the quilt. For me it was lacking a story and now it has one :)

You see the blue squares? Those were a pain in the neck!!! Not because they were hard to cut or sew, They were hard to choose lol. I auditioned so many fabrics....I tried different yellow to see if I wanted to use a complimentary color


Triadic ?


Use the little bit of green on the flower fabric?

Oh god no


Pale blue didn't worked but finally the dark blue worked. I usually do not have that much trouble lol


  1. All that work of auditioning really was worth it. The birds look great as does that blue. Excellent job.

  2. this is pretty spectacular and adding the birds has lifted it to a hogher level, lovely

  3. The birds are a sweet little addition to your pieced blocks. I think the blue you chose is reminiscent of the sky. Bravo!

  4. Some quilts just have to be difficult, don't they? Bugs me when the color we think would work doesn't, and the whole stash gets upended to find the right fit. Love the birds on this - great touch! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  5. Very nice. I love the addition of the birds

  6. It's beautiful and so soothing, and the birds did add a nice touch. Please join the Finished or Not Friday linky party at Busy Hands Quilts!

  7. Great idea and lovely fabric choices!

  8. I think you picked the perfect color for the squares! And the bird do indeed add a fun twist to the quilt design! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. The dark blue indeed works very well. And the birds are the perfect addition. They add more interest to the quilt. :-)
    Thank you for participating to my Fabric, Thread and Yarn link party. Have a good day!