Monday, October 31, 2016

In my to do list this week

I will "try" to only keep 2 projects in rotation this week.

My first is this very cute low poly Dragon. He is absolutely adorable!!!! Made by this wonderful friend and artist  Jennifer Tamochunas

Second project is quilting my Koi Quilt. I will do an overall FMQ for the background and probably scales on the fish :)....I am still undecided for the black borders.


  1. Two fun projects! They'll certainly keep you busy! XO

  2. These are so beautiful! I just love your dragon!!

  3. That dragon is so cute. The koi is beautiful. I can see what you mean with the borders. They're not bad - maybe narrower with some more blue green on the outside edge? Whatever you go with, I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

  4. I love that dragon. That's going to be so neat!