Monday, October 10, 2016

"No name" quilt

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Monday, October 10th, 2016 
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I have been working on this paper piecing quilt....I am having trouble finding a fitting name to this one!!!! I was thinking of "Glacier" or "Cold Winter"

I made a mistake while printing ( well the love of my life did but let's not talk about this ) and 8 of my blocks were not the right size. I was able to make an alternative layout and this one was my favorite.


  1. The colors in your 'no name' quilt are so pretty, and I love the way you've placed the blocks. Naming quilts is something I struggle with too, but I'm sure you'll find the perfect name soon!

  2. layout looks perfect and yes something related to cold would work well as blue is a cold color

  3. It is lovely. I like how the design radiates out from the center, drawing the eye outwards.

  4. Nice color combo. I had to think about how you got those lines of color to "line" up. Duh to me when I figured it out. Nobody said the brain is currently at 100% this evening! I really like how you laid out the blocks. The second layout looks cool also. Good luck picking a name.