Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best of 2016 Linky Party!

Cheryl at Meadow Mist designs is hosting a linky party. She is challenging us to post our 5 best from 2016. I choose to show my 5 "emotional" quilts.

Number 5

Confetti Quilt was made for my daughter's teacher. She had that particular teacher for 3 different years and she was an extraordinary help into the diagnosis of her learning difficulties.

Number 4

The Little Prince. This quilt is very special for me. Not only does it refer to my favorite book of all time ( The Little Prince from Antoine de St-Exupéry ) it is also my first venture into developing my "Low Poly" technique.

Number 3

Turtle Under sea. Using Neocolors II , Inktense and many experiments I was able to add complexity into the scales of this turtle. I love it when I get to try new technique.

Number 2

 Butterfly at Sunset. Simple but powerful. Making this quilt was an happy experiment. I submitted My Butterfly at Sunset quilt in Amy Ellis Blogger Quilt festival in the Home Machine Quilted category and Got the most votes!!!!! First time winning anything quilt related lol. It was a pleasant surprise.

Number One

Ugly Christmas sweater quilt. I made this quilt for the Christmas in July blog hope. Making this quilt was...interesting. It happened to coincide with my "surprise" move on July 15th. If I remember right we were asked in February to participate so I never would have guessed how completely hectic making this quilt would be.   I was making boxes between sewing blocks. It has the most views and comments.  


  1. What great quilts to link up with Yanicka. Lovely to see the fox and the butterfly again.

  2. Your Ugly Christmas Sweater quilt is pretty darn gorgeous! I'm not surprised that it's been so popular. A great year!

  3. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for linking up to the Best of 2016 linky party!

  4. Pretty! I love your Butterfly at Sunset quilt.