Monday, December 19, 2016

Finish Monday?

Lately it seem that I have a tendency to finish projects on Monday rather than Friday :) I binge watched "The OA" on Netflix so I had a lot of time to work on Free motion quilting and binding.
(About the OA.....if you like weird and ending open to interpretation I recommend it)

First I finished my Fall Table runner....just in time to start my Winter table runner I guess. I love the texture and colors of this very easy project. I might do a pattern of it.

Second I finished this low poly heart. I needed and easy low poly project because I think the cougar can be a bit intimidating. It was the occasion to try a new way (to me ) of binding quilts as demonstrated by Victoria Gertenbach of the Silly BooDilly website. she made a tutorial on how to  sew a non binding binding :)

It is a great technique for smaller art quilt... it help it lay very flat and square.

So what is on my wall this week? Well I can frankly say that I have no idea. The wall is empty right now. It is not that have no work in progress!!! (there is always a few WIP and UFO around)
1-Quilt my Cougar piece

2-Start my Low poly technique Raccoon. All  the work that I have to do before even touching fabric is pretty much done.

3-Quilt my low poly Dragon

4- Finish writing a few patterns including "The dancer" "Turtle Underwater" and "Sky bound"

5-Whatever I decide to start because I have to start right now, can't wait, what UFO's? I am sure you know the feeling lol.


  1. Love that heart. Well, heck I really like everything you showed today. But clue me in, what exactly is "low poly?"

  2. La rose des vents la tour Eiffel, dans le cœur. Songé! ������

  3. the table runner is a winner and I love all our complicated pieces with various animals you are certinly excellent at designing these. Off to check out the binding tutorial now

  4. Your heart is so drop dead gorgeous !!! And so are your other projects! Again your talent has inspired me! Beautiful!

  5. The heart is beautiful, the light and dark fabrics make it look like a gem! Hope to see your cougar finished soon, and the raccoon looks very promising too.

  6. Those leaves are so beautiful Yanicka. The yellow one looks just like a leaf I picked up before the snow fell because it was so luminescent.
    You have so many great projects percolating... I love your work!
    Hooray for trying the faced binding. ;)
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. I love your heart and the quilting around it is fantastic! That raccoon is pretty amazing, too!

  8. Your runner turned out great! Merry Christmas!