Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One quilt finished....another started

Finally my quilt "Birds in a garden" is done and washed. I am in the process to write the free pattern if any of you want to do it. This quilt is great if you have a big pattern fabric that you just can't cut :)
The sun is back after days of gray and sad temperature so I was able to take an outside picture!!!

I also started a new quilt (are you surprised lol) This one is applique based on baroque design. It will be a colorful one that is for sure :)

At the same time I am working on producing my low poly raccoon pattern. I intend to make a video of my process !!!! 


  1. Your finished quilt is really cute, and in some of my favourite colours. The new one looks interesting. I will wait to see more.

  2. That's a great idea, especially for those larger prints where you don't want to chop them up. It turned out lovely Yanicka!

  3. Love the birds. What an interesting quilt!

  4. your bird quilt is very special love it

  5. Because of the flower print you chose, this quilt is spectacular. And the birds are just the right touch.