Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow day

It is snowing in means not going anywhere day if I don't have to. There are still people that drive without winter tires ( We have po put them on before December 15th!!!) and we've all seen that video last week .

It's not like we had snow Every Years For the Last million years!!!!

Like usual I am all over the place regarding my projects. Right now on my design wall I have this fairy. She need a border and I have to test ways to reflect the full moon.

I also have those strips of fabrics to see if they could inspire me.

And playing with this fall table runner. Not satisfied right now....I have to play with it for now.


  1. Quite the video--definitely stay in!

  2. Ha! I never realised that you're from MontrĂ©al. I'm in the Basses-Laurentides... and I saw this funny video last week. đŸ˜‚

    1. LOL yea....I felt bad for laughing at that video. I don<t remember how but I knew you were north of me.

  3. Stay warm and enjoy playing with your projects.

  4. I so enjoy seeing your projects the fairy looks so good. The snow givs a food excuse to stay home and stitch

  5. Love the video. I'm in today for the same reason. You have great choices to work on.

  6. That video makes me want to stay home whenever we have sleet or snow. But sometimes we just have to get out to do things. I like the beginning of your fall table runner. Inspiration will strike sometime for you.