Monday, October 16, 2017

Down the rabbit hole

A few weeks ago, my daughter had a day off school and with her best friend, we decided to try paint pouring technique. We had a load of fun and the girls results were very interesting for a first time. I still have to varnish before we can hang

It made me think about what I could do to bring colors to fabrics. I started Googling and looking at Pinterest!!!!

Big Mistake!!!!

I found water marbling and fell in love......hard. Both of these pieces are on paper from artist Susan Pogany

Can you imagine making quilts with fabrics looking like that! OMG!!!

Now those are professional made. I am just starting to get my toes wet. It is a lot of trials and errors because I am still trying to find the right consistency for the "water" and for the paint. I've ordered a few things and asked my dad to make me a few tools. I am determined learn this art and include it in my artworks.

And for a is the baby elephant finish!!!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Art with Fabric Blog hop

"Every quilted project is a unique piece of art, full of love, creativity and inspiration.

However, have you ever thought about how "traditional" art could be reinterpreted in a quilted piece?
(by "traditional" I mean anything that a non-quilter will label as art, like paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture from all countries and all time periods).

To explore the endless possibilities of art-inspired quilted pieces I decided to organize another edition of this Blog Hop!

This edition has a special theme...


When I saw that Alida choose Mother earth as the theme, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Lately I have been attracted by sculptures because it is link to my own work on shades, lights and perspective. 

Enter the Australian Artist, Donna Marcus and her sphere work :)

This piece is called " Steam". I adore the work of light on the sphere shape and used it for my inspiration for my piece


This piece for me, represent Gaia.....the mother that feed and support us against this unforgiving universe. 

For this piece, I used my own "fractured image" technique using shades of blue to represent light and darkness. 

This piece has been FMQ by myself using my Q'nique 14+ mid arm and I used 40 w embroidery threads 

Please visit the other participant of this great blog hop!!!!

This is the current schedule

Monday, October 9th, 2017

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017 

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 

Friday, October 13th, 2017 

Monday, October 2, 2017

New Flower of the month - October

Busy hands quilts quilt along is starting !!!! Today is the fabric pull and I choose those fabrics. I Emptied my box of black and white fabrics, got a few more than pulled my favorite color combo, chartreuse and aqua. For the pattern, I choose improvisation!!! I hope you will join us on the fun quilt along.

Here is my October flower of the month available for free on my web site

No it is not finished quilting :) Story of my life right now. Usually I post on friday for finish or pieces I am finishing but last friday I came empty as to what to write about.

Edit : Finished Quilting!!!! 

That being said! Today is  #HappyBatikDay and for this occasion I partnered with @balibatikiki for an international giveaway!!!! Where you can win a kit to make my next Quilt of this awesome tiger. Go to Facebook to participate!!! 

GIVEAWAY!! Win a Collaboration Kit between @balibatikiki Indonesia and Yanicka Hachez a quilt designer from Canada. This Giveaway open world widely so, don't miss it.. 
There will be 2 winner, 1 for international winner (yes, we will send it to where ever you are, dear…) and 1 for Indonesia home base.
To enter :
- repost or share this photo, mention Bali Batik IKi, tag a friend and use #BatikDayWithBaliBatikIKiYanicka
- don't forget to mention where you live(city/country)
Giveaway will be end on Wednesday, 4 Oct at 11.30 pm (Canada Time) and the winner will be announced on Monday, 9 Oct 2017. 

Thank you and good luck!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Another week!!!!

On this very unseasonably hot Monday, let me show you all the yummy fabrics I got over the weekend.

Somehow I got very attracted toward the Chartreuse color and aqua....always place for more aqua in my stash :)

I also got sucked into the very yummy Tula Pink and Some Carolyn Friedlander

I also got a few fat quarters and half yard of black and white fabrics to add on my black and white scraps for the SPLASH of Color Quilt Along! Organised my Myra of the Busy Hands Quilts blog. I rarely do Quilt along because I like creating my own work but this one has so few rules that I could not resist and I can't resist doing a black and white background for one of my piece.

I have different projects on my wall, but they are secret sewing :) So nothing to show for now.....sorry :)

Oh, my and my husband went to eat in the best Asian restaurant we know and this one was in my fortune cookie....what do you think :D 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Blogger Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side is hosting Blogger's Quilt Festival, in which quilters get to share their best recent work. My best finished work for this year was "The baby Dragon" 

I have done more intricate pieces but as far as I am concerned, this one has the most "awwwwww" factor and the scrappy black and white background is just perfect. 

He is a great representative of my Fractured image technique :) 

Friday, September 22, 2017

it's a boy

Meet Elijah the baby Elephant!!!

He is a big boy, 48" tall and weight 200 pounds LOL

He is the prototype and it mean there is a few things I would change but in all, I am very happy.

From conception to finished to = 2 months
Fabrics = Background Bali Batik Iki
                Elephant = Northcott Fabrics
Top stitches = SuperB embroidery thread.

Monday, September 18, 2017

My husband win

As my husband and many of my followers suggested, the baby elephant will have a body this week.

Bali Batik Iki was nice enough to send me a second meter of the batik background directly from Jakarta.

I am also doing some secret sewing for this blog hop!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday ....not finished

This has been me view a lot in the last week

The problem with an autoimmune disorder is that you never know how the day will go. There is good days and bad days, there is also bad weeks and good weeks. Last week was not that great.

I was still able to create, not very much, 15-30 minutes at a time. If I didn't have my life would be a much darker place.

Ok now back to my friday....not finished


I love it!!! I also added an apple to add to the fall harvest theme. I did not appliqué anything yet, this project is still ongoing.

Speaking of Ongoing, my Storm at sea is slowly growing. Slowly but surely..... I keep finding all those piece of paper all over the house no matter how careful I am!

To specify, the storm at see is the background to the butterfly.

Have a nice and creative weekend Everyone!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pumpkin and Storm at sea

On my wall this week is my background for my Fractured image butterfly.

I wanted something interesting but that is not in competition with the butterfly......and in the same time I am getting ready for the paper piecing class I am giving Saturday! 2 birds one stone as they say. Not that I would ever try to hurt birds :)

I also pulled my fabric to do my pumpkin :) It is so fun to be able to pull fabrics from my collection :) ....even better when it is from my scrap bins :)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Finished!!!! ....or not? and a great news

Baby Elephant is done!!!!

Well maybe. See on my design, he had a body but just the head is already 230 pieces. My dear husband think I should make the body and not worry about the insane number of pages it will put to the pattern. lol

I also have a great news!!!! I partnered with Bali Batik Iki  from Jakarta to produce fabrics for my next project. Thomas the Tiger :) They will have kits for those that does not want to choose the fabrics :) And since they are in Indonesia, you know that the money goes to the artisans rather than in the pockets of many intermediary :) !!!! I have been ordering from them for years and absolutely love their batiks :)

Last thing! I need someone that want to try my one of patterns but with EPP rather than my fractured image technique. So if you or anyone you know that love EPP is ready to help it would be wonderful. You would get the pattern for free and in exchange I would need pictures and impressions.

Monday, September 4, 2017

On my wall

I have so awesome projects on my wall right now!!! (If I can say so myself as I am the designer of said projects)

First the baby elephant is well on it's way :)

He is so cute!!!! And it make me want to make a pink elephant to give him a Girlfriend :)

The butterfly!!!! Very happy of how it came out. Now I am working on a background...maybe blue scrappy?

Next picture is what I call my "Found fabrics". Those are my thrift store treasures. I live in a very ethnic part of town and I always can find amazing fabrics. The purple was a Indian Batik Sari that I got for 6$. The purple fabric is African cotton that came from a dress for 7$ and the red is Hoffman Fabrics also from a dress for 7$ I was able to make FQ, layer cakes and charms to be used later.

I was also able to save this baby quilt for 6$. I might applique on it or maybe transform it in a bag. It does not even look like it was washed!!!! I hope it was the mom who did it and not a family member.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Flower of the month - September

It can't be September already!!!!!

*Look at calendar*



Here is the free flower of the month. Hibiscus,

By the way if you are making one of my flower of the month, I would love to see :) This one is not my favorite, I might try it again with other colors.

My Fractured image butterfly is almost done, Only need a few black stitches! When I will make a pattern, I will include a coloring page so you can try with whatever fabrics you have on hand. I love the effect of the Orange Ombré but it can be scary since you don't know the end result until you take the freezer paper away.

And finally, if you squint and use a lot of imagination, you can make out the start of my baby elephant. The black shape on the right is his eye :D

Monday, August 28, 2017

On my wall

I am waiting for my printable freezer paper to arrive (probably friday) so in the main time I am working on new possible patterns

This is a preliminary Tiger more work need to be done but I like where it is going

Updated.......loving it !!!!!!


Did you ever have a quilt that just didn't work? One unsolvable quilty problem?

I would love to see it. I will show mine if you show me yours :) This is the mess. Still make me feel slightly pucky  when I look at it.