Friday, January 6, 2017

Testers and Coffee

This week was very exciting!!! I had 2 tester help me with my new technique I developed. Margaret of Life as posted two and Alida from Tweety Loves Quilting were nice enough to watch me babble in English with an heavy french accent the video of the technique tutorial I made.

They both started with the easier pattern of the fractured heart.

Free on craftsy 




There is nothing like seeing someone else  using your pattern to make their own piece!!!! I love it

But then Margaret went on the Cougar pattern. She is a brave one and this is her result

Excuse me while I squeeeeeee hard.

Myself I finished the top of my "Ode to coffee". It will be perfect on my kitchen wall!!! The cup where pieced and the handles applique. I love the saying, it has humour and make me smile (after I had my first coffee) 


  1. your testers did a great job and loving the hanging what would be do without coffee I wonder

  2. Do you have patterns for the cougar and the dragon? I love both of them and would be interested in buying the paper piecing patterns.

    1. Hi this is not paper piecing. My technique is explained here I have not done the dragon yet but the cougar is here....I will update soon with a few correction

  3. A blue cougar and a green heart, what a fun combination!! Thanks for letting me test this fun technique!! I completed the piece and if you are curious you can find it on my blog! :)

  4. The cougar is stunning! Love the coffee wall hanging!

  5. I had fun! Lots of fun and the sewing didn't take long at all. You are holding out on me Yanicka, you have a DRAGON???