Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Need colors!!!!!

Like every year in at this time, I am desperately missing bold colors!!! I live in Montreal Canada and right now everything is pretty much gray, grayish and grayer.

I can't do anything for the outside view but I am in control of my design wall. I took a kona solid jelly roll, added a yardage of white and decided to keep is simple. I intend to applique something in the white part but I am not there yet.

Under my needle too are my coffee quilt and the fairy quilt. They need to be quilted and the patterns written  My Janome Horizon (Jos├ęphine) is at the Dr for now since I could not do adjust the bobbin's tension so my Brother (Millie) is back on my table.


  1. Everything in Ontario is very grey and glum now as well. It's nice to see your colourful rainbow on the design wall.

  2. Your colorful design wall has so much possibility! Enjoy the process.

  3. very colourful think we all need something to brighten up a dull winter though so far we are lucky no snow. Fingers crossed the machine comes home soon working perfectly

  4. I agree, bright colours are required to survive February.