Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Lost : Mojo

If found please bring back as it is dearly missed.

I am having a blah, no inspiration, nothing excite me, time

I need a banner for the booth I rented at the 2017 expo in Toronto in June. I used an antique linen and started quilting it. I hate it.

I also started the ocean waves block paper piecing. I do not feel inspired.

I have pattern to write and I can make myself do it.


Hopefully it won't last. I like it better when I have to many idea!!!! 


  1. Oh honey! Maybe start looking at all the quilt blogs you can find and grab some fire from them!

  2. Time for a break, or working on something else. Take care.

  3. It will come to you, you do such great work. I did chuckle a little at your the name of your post. Reminds me of: " I'm lost and going to find myself, if you see me before I get back, tell me to wait." Maybe a good laugh will help.

  4. This too shall pass! But it's hard to be in the middle of a mental block. I hope you find that mojo soon.

  5. not like you to lose your mojo, maybe browsing a few quilty books will get you going again, nothing wrong with either of the pieces you have shared today,

  6. I think there are all times we lose our mojo. I hope you are able to find yours again quickly. For me, and this is just me, sometimes just sitting down and getting started on something helps me find my mojo again. I really like the "ocean waves" piece you are working on.