Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday making (?)

My inspiration is still on strike on this cold Monday morning. I decided to rip my ocean waves blocks and see if sashing would help.

I am also doing my first cross stitch. I never tried before but this is fun and relaxing

And preparing the fat quarters I want to sell in my booth in Toronto. 

MontrĂ©al used to be an important producer of clothing (french-Canadian were considered cheap labor) With time a lot of the manufacturers went to counties like China and India, but we can still find big fabrics wholesalers here and I know a few of them. I call them my Alibaba Caves :) That is how I can sell good quilting cotton for a low price. Aren't they cute!!! (and if I don't sell them....well more for me lol) 



  1. Yes they are definitely cute! Several of them might be calling my name.... I'm not sure whether to hope they sell for you or that they don't so you can play with them!

  2. I have become a lover of sashing recently and corner stones too. Cross stitch did not work for me found it made me cross getting lost from pattern to fabric and also cross eyed! Hardanger is my favourite embroidery have you tried that? Lovely selection of fabric if I lived in Montreal I would be buying some

  3. I have a flimsy like that where I have no inspiration to finish it. Someday I will take it out, cut it up and add slivers of contrasting fabric in there to make something out of it.
    On the plus side,I love your fabrics. I am going to add them to my ever-growing list - "Reasons to move to Canada". Justin Trudeau tops the list :-)

  4. Sometimes quilts have to simmer for a while. Eventually you get an idea. Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

  5. Oh wow! I love how you auditioned your quilt blocks! I'm learning so much from linky parties and the bloggers that participate! How could I never have thought of auditioning sashing on my design board the way you do?

    Your cross stitch project is so cute - and true in my family! Thank you for sharing!