Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Post 201.....oups

I missed my big 200th post....meh never mind

I do not have a lot of work done this week. I've pull my Summer Goddess from the design wall, she is far from done but I want to concentrate on finishing writing some patterns and quilting some of the quilts I want to bring to the Toronto Quilt Show.

I did have a bit of time to work on my Spanish Tiles....I made it a table runner but I can easily see it as a quilt. I adore the look of this piece. It is now basted and ready to quilt.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Old and New and a small finish

Remember my diamond quilt fiasco? The one where the borders enthusiastically waves at me each and every times I went to my sewing room?

Since I needed to display this sample for the Toronto quilt festival, Friendly borders were not an option. So I just chopped the borders, bind it and added beading just for the fun of it.

So this is for the old.

The new is all Pinterest fault. I got inspired by Spanish blue and white tiles. So I did a first try with some lightweight steam-and-seam. The fabric is fraying badly so I will try again but with a stronger double stick fusible web, it should take care of that problem. Imagine this with the same blue sashing!!! I think it would be marvelous !!! Each block is 12"

Time for some fabric porn :) Here is the bounty I got this week.

And now for the finish. I did a bundle of fat quarter inspired by a quilt named Strawberry Lemonade Lea from Podunk Pretties made. It was hard not to start pulling fabric when I saw her quilt but I made a little Pin cushion :) I might take the dark red out and put a pale pink one instead. This is why I try to sew something with my bundles.

Friday, April 14, 2017

a little Friday finish

Right now I am making videos for my sponsor about the quilting products he sell in his online store. It is quite fun and mean free products for me :D

One of the product is Fabric Magic from Pellon. You sew the fabric to the Fabric Magic and when you steam it, it shrink and give texture to the fabric. In order to demonstrate the results, I made this cute little 12" x 12" quilt. I can't stop petting the texture of the Fabric Magic lol. This is my only finish for the week.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Summer Goddess

Well my Summer Goddess is taking shape. This picture is preliminary because I am not sure if I like a big flower at her waist...maybe smaller flowers would look better. I want it to look like her dress, not like she is standing in front of a bouquet lol.

And more fabrics to turn into fat quarters. :) Almost wishing they won't sell .....Almost :D

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday??? Already

Darn this week went fast.

First I finished my little mindless sewing I did with the leftover from the fat quarters I am doing for Toronto.

Perfect to display the bundle's fabrics and also a nice piece for Valentine day :) I just quilted a stipple all over in red. I think the longest part to make this was the binding :)

For the background I used this beautiful print. I love the softness of those ladies.

Remember the flowers I made? Well I was not able to continue because I went thru all my Steam-a-seam in my stash and was unable to get more. So I just put every thing I want to do for this project and took a picture. At least you will have the general idea :)

It is a Summer Goddess. The background will be beige scrappy blocks, and I will use the different green fabrics to make the leafs and stems. More flowers are needed. She is almost real size!!! If this work I might also do a Fall Goddess. I have to figure out how to do the binding of the corset.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Fabrics and flower

This week is pretty much similar to last week, fabrics and flower. I am waiting for leafs because I am not sure how many I will need. Hopefully I will be able to show more of this project by friday :)

And for the fabrics part, still making fat quarters for the Toronto quilt exposition. My latest bounty

I have decided to make a few bundles. The nice thing is the warehouse I go to always cut large so even after making my fat quarters, I still have fabrics left that I can play with.