Friday, May 19, 2017

Round Robin

I think almost a year and a half ago a group of 6 was formed to a group to do a round robin :)

Each person make a center block and then send it to the next person, that will add something then send it to the next one.

I just received mine and I absolutely love it. :) Started to think how to quilt it :)

I am also juggling with a few fractured image ideas

This eagle would be perfect for my American friends :)

This mama and baby cat sweet


  1. Such a great Round Robin quilt and your images are amazing. Nice work!

  2. I've not seen fractured images. I can't imagine how you do this, but I sure like the results!
    Your Round Robin quilt looks like a fun one. I bet everyone enjoyed working on it. It looks like a flimsy, so I assume you quilt and bind your own when it returns home. What fun to send off a small piece and see how people interpret it. Amazing, isn't it?!

  3. This quilting blog is very interesting. It is a team work, each person making a part and passing it to other to carry on the work. Wonderful designs have been created. Good job.