Sunday, June 25, 2017

New baby and new project

No I am not pregnant thank the Goddess!!! I am talking about my new Q'nique 14+....well not mine mine but it is at my place now and we are learning to become friend. The table didn't come with instructions but me and my husband long experience with Ikea finally paid off and we were able to assemble it without tears and much bad french words.

My first Video will be about threading and tension!!! There is a learning curve going from my Jenome Horizon 8200 (Josephine) to the Q'nique!!! who by the way really need a name so I am open to suggestions.

This is my new project

Isn't he the most handsome!!!
It might be a project with Northcott fabric but even if it does not work this pattern should be available soon.

The only question I have is his size....unless I make different patterns for different size.

Oh and he also need a name :) 


  1. You do amazing work. That wolf is just stunning!

  2. how good to have such a fab machine, you say not yours is it on loan? hope it will stay for good. Not sure about a name but wondered as it is a Grace machine maybe Gracie or a play on the name Grace? The wolf looks amazing no name coming to mind though

  3. I still have trouble getting the tension right on my Qnique so I eagerly await your video and comments on thread, bobbin thread etc.

  4. Nice acquisition. I hope your that you get to love the machine, even if it is just visiting for awhile. Just love the wolf; he is just so handsome and a great pattern.

  5. Bonjour Yanicka. C'est un vraiment beau projet! and enjoy the baby :-)

  6. The wolf is incredible! I love the fractured look - it's very popular!

  7. WOWOWOW. He is just stunning. I would just stare at this if it were on my wall. The depth of detail is . . . well, beyond any words I can think of. Fabulous job. F.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. How exciting about your new machine, too!!