Friday, June 30, 2017

Northcott fabrics are here

Many news this week

I got my box of yummy fabrics sent by Northcott to make the wolf so he is starting to take shape on my design wall. Like any of my other fractured image piece, it look like nothing for the moment :) in this picture I added an eye to show what you are seeing.

My Kitty "Look at that face" fractured image is on Craftsy

So is "The patriot" Now until the 4th of July this pattern is half off!!!!

Finally I have been nominated by Kathleen Scargle McCormick for the Leibster award !!!! I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.
I will make a solo post  to answer the questions :)


  1. Wish I had those box of greys - I have on my "must make" list a bear paw quilt with grey background along with pink, teal and mustard colored fabric prints. I believe Amanda Jean posted an example.

  2. your fox is coming together beautifully loving all that fabric you have in the box. Best of luck with the award you would be a very worthy winner fingers crossed for you. Loving the patterns too if only I could do FPPing but cannot get my head around it

  3. The fox is looking lovely and you are so welcome for your nomination! Looking forward to your post.

  4. That wolf is going to be awesome in those fabrics!

  5. The wolf looks amazing, as well as the eagle and the cat! Cannot wait to see all that yummy fabric used to make the wolf come to life! Thanks for sharing!!