Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flower of the month - August

Today and tomorrow are the last days to get the free flower of the month for July

The new flower of the month for August is available for free

On my design will this week I started thiFractured Image butterfly using Ombré fabric :)

It can be made using different fabrics and I will probably have fun playing with my scraps too.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday Finish Friday

Wolfgang 2 is finished and on it's way to Northcott Fabrics to be quilted. Next you should be able to see at Huston Quilt Market!!! From concept to prototype to finished top was 3 weeks:) I will be able to show you pictures once it is quilted :)

I was also able to do a video tutorial on how to free motion quilt my "3 feathers" pattern. And the french accent is a bonus :)

I was contacted by one of Martingale publishing person to see if we could work on a book together. It was all very exciting!!! Sadly my Fractured image technique make me the "Microsoft of Quilting" as my technique only work with my own pattern and each pattern have 100's of different it is not really book material. Maybe later I will make smaller pieces that would fit a book better but it was great just to be considered.

oh and here are both wolfs side by side. (Right is the prototype)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Something weird is going on

If you try to go to my blog and see something else, it is because we just launched my web site and the re-directions are being put in place. Things will settle down really soon. Promise

Monday, July 17, 2017

Feel like Groundhog week

I feel like I've written the same post a few weeks in a row!!!!

On my wall:


Under My Q'nique needle

Cat....again (I had to work out tension problems but now it is under control.....good thing since my next monthly video is about tension problems lol)

My Flower of the month is done for August, I need to make the pattern.

You would think the last thing I need is a new project......right? Well I started a new project :D

I felt like mindless sewing so I got my Sizzix cutter out and cut a few HST of blue ombre and gray batik. Not sure where this one is going :)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Wolf again

This week was not great health wise so I didn't get to finish anything. Well except 2 videos on how to thread my Q'nique 14+. I think I am getting better at editing but the french accent is still as bad as it was :D

The wolf is growing and I started auditioning background fabrics, I love this pale blue that goes with the eyes. For the next wolf, I will change 2 fabrics, one is too light and another one is too dark for my taste but the overall shape I am very happy with. I am not sure if I can make a pattern for it since it is very big and complicated. I might make a smaller version.

And I finally received my batting and started quilting my kitty quilt with a pattern I "invented" myself so I will make a demo demonstration video very soon is you are interested.

Monday, July 10, 2017

On my wall and a request :)

I have a lot on my plate but my wall is still occupied by my Wolf. He is growing nicely. I already see where I will change some fabrics on my next one but in all I like the 3D effect. That is one thing when designing fractured image, you can't really see how it look until you are pretty far along because most of the time it look like a ball of nothing. I will often do the same pattern twice for the desired effect. I took this picture from a distance to show you the effects so don't mind the messy studio :D

This weekend I gave a class at Atelier Fiber Arts. I always love to teach my passion for quilting. My next class might be an all day Bargello Quilt. It is an easy technique but that give a great result!!!

I am also designing my next flower of the month. It will be a poppy, I hope you will do this one with me :)

On the Q'nique 14+, we are slowly warming to each other. It is all about the hand / pedal coordination and it take practice, practice and finally practice. I am trying different treads combinations to see how she react. She is a lot more sensitive than my sewing machine but I heard it it pretty typical of a quilting machine. Oh by the way I named her Gracie ....not that original but it fit :)

Finally, my sweet husband decided to make a web site for me and he asked me if you would agree to use your comments on the site. You are all so very encouraging and I would not take your comments without your permission :)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Flower of the month

I just started what I call "Flower of the month" 

I do it mainly for myself since I do not have a huge number of followers lol but it make me happy to offer the patterns for free each month. I will make is as a Quilt as you go but you don't have to. Each block is 12.5" x 12.5"

You can find the pattern at Craftsy 

And the Wolf is growing. One thing with this technique, you can't really judge how it look until everything is done, so now it look weird but I have faith in my process