Monday, August 28, 2017

On my wall

I am waiting for my printable freezer paper to arrive (probably friday) so in the main time I am working on new possible patterns

This is a preliminary Tiger more work need to be done but I like where it is going

Updated.......loving it !!!!!!


Did you ever have a quilt that just didn't work? One unsolvable quilty problem?

I would love to see it. I will show mine if you show me yours :) This is the mess. Still make me feel slightly pucky  when I look at it.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Last days of vacation

School start next Monday, my little visitors are spending their last days with us.

Didn't have a lot of time to sew but I was able to make this video about Wolfgang 1.

I also received more orange ombré fabric to finish the butterfly. If I could I would order bolts of every ombré fabric Timeless Treasure made!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

On my wall this week

I can't believe how fast time pass. I still have my little visitors here so time on the sewing machine is in short supply.

This week I am still designing my Baby Elephant....don't mind the numerous colors, I am still moving things around

I am also starting my flower of the month. This flower got my attention, Free pattern available September 1st.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

One project done and one started

This week and next week I have the pleasure of having my surrogate daughters with me so my sewing time will be restricted but it is for the best reason.(long story short, I was a surrogate mother for a gay couple and gave birth to 2 girls, Sara 14 (top picture)and Kiko 9 Bottom picture left. right is Leandre my own daughter)

In the last few days I was able to finish  my fractured image apple and will add it to my pear and maybe also add a leaf.

And finally my bigger project will be the baby elephant. Here is part of the process :) I have no idea how many piece this baby will have but I can guess....many.

Monday, August 14, 2017

On my wall this week

Last weekend I was able to finish my flamingo. I now call him Fernand ;) He is still missing he background but for now I am working on the pattern so you can have it in your home too.

I also did a bit of quilting on my Q'nique 14+. It is a bit hard to see but I am quilting orange peel in the different squares of my friend quilt. 

I am also doing this apple in fractured image style. It will go in my kitchen with my pear :)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Not done yet friday

As you can see The pink flamingo has a head :) This big boy will have a finish size of 23" x 38" tall and has 156 pieces and 21 different fabrics. I am not sure about the fabrics I chose but I try not to judge until the piece is finished and I see the whole image. Then I can see if it work or not.

I also was able to finish this modern top. I wanted to try my new Sizzix machine and also I needed a top to practice my quilting. HST are still the bane of my existence but it is a lot more fun to cut now.

Also I need your suggestions, what animals or objects do you think I should make for my fractured image technique?

On my list I have:
Baby elephant
Sewing machine

Thank you!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pets on quilts.....I have that

But not real pets sadly. I used to be a foster family for cats and in 2 years I was able to take care and adopt 10 cats but then I fell in love with my soulmate. Said soulmate is highly allergic to pretty much everything so no more pets.

Here are a few real and quilty pets :)

Cat at window :)

Laurianne on Fall Quilt. She was my chief Quilt inspector

This is Charlie, he is FIV+ but he is a sweetheart

This is Roger. That cat had such a great personality and got into everything. Here he is helping me

One of the many little panther with a huge personality Valentine 

This little one was born at home

Federico....such a sweet kitty that love to cuddle

Ash just spent 1 week at home before getting adopted

Turtles can be pets :)

So do bunnies

Quilty kitty :)

Ok ok wolf are not really pets but he sure is my animal spirit :)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Next project

After a few days of not being sure what my next project is, I finally found my inspiration.

Fractured image pink flamingo

Will change from the gray fabrics used for Wolfgang :)

An update for the Trap-neuter- Release program is 2 kitties fixed, one was a gestating female.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Fractured image Cat Finished

Finally sewed the binding on my Cat Quilt. He look like an happy fellow.

I also worked on the butterfly wings but stopped half way because I do not have enough Timeless treasures Orange Ombre fabrics. I might order more. Not sure yet.

Good news, the Wolfgang pattern is available for sell at my store.

This week it is the start of my hunting I have no intention of killing any living being. I am humanly trapping the feral cats living near my apartment to sterilize them for the Trap-neuter-release program. This big boy won't be hard to catch.....he come home to eat every night at 5pm!!! 

The goal is to get the babies that could be adopted and control the cat population. I see a lot of me sitting in a corner waiting for the kitty to go eat the sardines in the next 2 weeks.

Oh and this week I quilted this Tettris quilt for a friend!!! I pretty much didn't give her a choice poor Amanda. I really needed to practice my free motion quilting on my Q'nique and had nothing. I did a square meander thingy on the black part of her quilt and she did the part in color. I will try to get a finished picture from her :) The problem working with black is that the batting made the top look as if white kittens exploded on it.