Monday, August 14, 2017

On my wall this week

Last weekend I was able to finish my flamingo. I now call him Fernand ;) He is still missing he background but for now I am working on the pattern so you can have it in your home too.

I also did a bit of quilting on my Q'nique 14+. It is a bit hard to see but I am quilting orange peel in the different squares of my friend quilt. 

I am also doing this apple in fractured image style. It will go in my kitchen with my pear :)


  1. I continue to love each and every one of your fractured designs...although I the flamingo is my favorite so far. Have a great week! Andrea

  2. flamingo looks so good, maybe a banana would look good along with your apple and pear for the kitchen too.

  3. This all looks terrific, and I am loving the fruit series. It's a nice way for folks to learn your technique!