Thursday, September 7, 2017

Finished!!!! ....or not? and a great news

Baby Elephant is done!!!!

Well maybe. See on my design, he had a body but just the head is already 230 pieces. My dear husband think I should make the body and not worry about the insane number of pages it will put to the pattern. lol

I also have a great news!!!! I partnered with Bali Batik Iki  from Jakarta to produce fabrics for my next project. Thomas the Tiger :) They will have kits for those that does not want to choose the fabrics :) And since they are in Indonesia, you know that the money goes to the artisans rather than in the pockets of many intermediary :) !!!! I have been ordering from them for years and absolutely love their batiks :)

Last thing! I need someone that want to try my one of patterns but with EPP rather than my fractured image technique. So if you or anyone you know that love EPP is ready to help it would be wonderful. You would get the pattern for free and in exchange I would need pictures and impressions.


  1. Those are crazy wonderful. I love the elephant done or not done. It's beautiful as is.

  2. I would be happy to make one of your designs with EPP - IF glue basted and machine sewn epp is ok (my arthritis is such that I rarely do hand only epp any more). I do have a LOT of experience at Epp.

    :) Linda

    1. Sure it is ok :) you can go to and look at the available patterns. Let me know if you fancy one.

  3. both elephant and tiger are amazing, good to read about the fabric too. Not sure my EPP would be up to trying one of your patterns hope you get enough volunteers

  4. Wow to both! I agree with your the body!

  5. That elephant is not a baby. It is a giant effort. The tiger is very handsome. Your collaboration with Bali Batiks is fabulous news, Yanicka. I am sure greater things are coming :-)
    Ask Jayne of Twiggy and Opal about EPP. She does beautiful work.

  6. I would love to try my hand at one of your patterns! I have not made one of yours before, so I'm not familiar with your regular technique. I really love your fractured designs and as a fellow designer, I'd be happy to test/edit for you. Congrats on having a quilt in Houston!

  7. I agree with your husband, do the body also. I love your designs an look forward to seeing each new one but my favorite is still the wolf. He has my heart.

  8. Oh my goodness! Both the elephant and tiger are gorgeous! I agree that you should do the body of the elephant too...anyone doing 230 pieces for the head won't mind a few more, lol. Congratualtions on the partnership with Bali Batiks :)

  9. I love your baby elephant, but I agree with your husband that it is even more wonderful with the full body. That full pattern really conveys the image of a baby elephant. Thank you for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.