Friday, September 1, 2017

Flower of the month - September

It can't be September already!!!!!

*Look at calendar*



Here is the free flower of the month. Hibiscus,

By the way if you are making one of my flower of the month, I would love to see :) This one is not my favorite, I might try it again with other colors.

My Fractured image butterfly is almost done, Only need a few black stitches! When I will make a pattern, I will include a coloring page so you can try with whatever fabrics you have on hand. I love the effect of the Orange Ombré but it can be scary since you don't know the end result until you take the freezer paper away.

And finally, if you squint and use a lot of imagination, you can make out the start of my baby elephant. The black shape on the right is his eye :D


  1. Oh that butterfly is incredible - I love how the black outline really brings it to life!

  2. Lovely butterfly! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the butterfly! The elephant is adorable.

  4. I absolutely love all your fractured pieces! The flower is stunning too... if only there were more hours in the day... :) but thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your talent and creativity!!

  5. LOVE the baby elephant!! I NEED one of those in my life. i like the butterfly also.

  6. Remarkable! So complex and yet so many effective.

  7. Your butterfly is fantastic. You did a beautiful job putting it together so well.