Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pumpkin and Storm at sea

On my wall this week is my background for my Fractured image butterfly.

I wanted something interesting but that is not in competition with the butterfly......and in the same time I am getting ready for the paper piecing class I am giving Saturday! 2 birds one stone as they say. Not that I would ever try to hurt birds :)

I also pulled my fabric to do my pumpkin :) It is so fun to be able to pull fabrics from my collection :) ....even better when it is from my scrap bins :)


  1. Hi Yanicka,
    Your butterfly is beautiful, but I really love the pumpkin. I love seeing the fabrics you pulled for it. I think it will be stunning when complete. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. ideal background for that colourful butterfly. Pumpkin looks good too

  3. Love the storm at sea background! Love teaching and hope you enjoy your class.

  4. Wow, that butterfly is so pretty! And I love that pumpkin pattern! Looks fantastic!

  5. This work looks really incredible, but I guess I have to learn quilting before I try to make something like this. Great work though!