Sunday, October 8, 2017

Art with Fabric Blog hop

"Every quilted project is a unique piece of art, full of love, creativity and inspiration.

However, have you ever thought about how "traditional" art could be reinterpreted in a quilted piece?
(by "traditional" I mean anything that a non-quilter will label as art, like paintings, drawings, sculptures, architecture from all countries and all time periods).

To explore the endless possibilities of art-inspired quilted pieces I decided to organize another edition of this Blog Hop!

This edition has a special theme...


When I saw that Alida choose Mother earth as the theme, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Lately I have been attracted by sculptures because it is link to my own work on shades, lights and perspective. 

Enter the Australian Artist, Donna Marcus and her sphere work :)

This piece is called " Steam". I adore the work of light on the sphere shape and used it for my inspiration for my piece


This piece for me, represent Gaia.....the mother that feed and support us against this unforgiving universe. 

For this piece, I used my own "fractured image" technique using shades of blue to represent light and darkness. 

This piece has been FMQ by myself using my Q'nique 14+ mid arm and I used 40 w embroidery threads 

Please visit the other participant of this great blog hop!!!!

This is the current schedule

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  1. You selected a very interesting piece, and you reinterpret it beautifully!! Thanks for sharing your talent as part of the blog hop!!

  2. What a beautiful quilt. You can the light reflected on the earth. Really stunning.

  3. Beautiful! thanks for sharing the inspiration sculpture work.

  4. Oh your interpetation...just fabulous

  5. Love, love the sculpture you have chosen. You have captured the light play and 3D nature of your inspiration piece so well in fabric with your fractured image technique. Nicely done! :)

  6. Makes me want to climb inside those structures and travel through space!~

  7. You did a wonderful job with this quilt!

  8. What a beautiful piece! And I love the inspiration sculpture. Very nice!

  9. Hi Yanicka,
    The fabrics you chose for this piece are just perfect. The shading is spot on, and the quilting sure gives the piece some movement. Lovely! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. What an amazing effect you have achieved, I don't think I have seen anything like it, just beautiful.

  11. Your piece is so pretty! Blues and black look great together. Your interpretation of the inspiration piece was right on. I enjoyed seeing this.

  12. Bonjour Yanicka, What a great art quilt. Your technique was perfect for making it :-)

  13. What a gorgeous quilt! Your exploration of light and shade has always inspired me. Thank you for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  14. Oh that's gorgeous - it reminds me of the Crystal Maze dome, it's just beautiful!

  15. What a great inspiration piece you chose - I love that sculpture, it's very cool. You interpreted it really well.

  16. Your art quilt is amazing! I love the inspiration piece you started with and your interpretation into Gaia. Beautifully done!!

  17. Hello Yanicka,

    The shades of blue are beautiful, and you have really captured a three dimensional effect.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv