Friday, October 20, 2017

Tigers and strips

This week, in the "Splash of color QAL" It is Cutting your fabrics week. After a few minutes of petting said nice fabrics, I just decided to cut 2" strips. My black and white bin of scraps is pretty much empty....

Those are the strips, and here is the tiger. I got the bundle from Bali Batik Iki and they are making a kit for those that want to produce this fierce Tiger :)

This is the start of the Tiger. I can't help myself and put eyes as soon as I can. It always bring the personality of my pieces :)

I think he will be amazing (if I can say so myself) 


  1. Very cute. The quilt will be beautiful :)

  2. Yanicka, I would love to purchase the kit for this quilt. Could you send me the link for Bali Batik Iki? I've tried to Google them with no results. Thank you,,,your tiger looks stunning!!

    1. We are still working on it but here is their email address :

      thank you