Monday, July 16, 2018

History of Cactus and Ouchies

But the ouchies has nothing to do with the cactus

First the cactus is virtual so it's pretty safe. :) I have been asked if I could do a fractured image cactus because it seem that they are very IN right now (writing that I had a flashback to the amazing series on Netflix "A series of Unfortunate Events" season 2, if you saw it, you know why)

The ouchies come from having surgery to remove a wisdom teeth that was giving me trouble.

I tried some designing and some sewing but between pain, hot flash, cold sweat and dizziness it was just better for me to just lay down.

So on my plate this week, I have a Cactus to design and pineapple to finish.

I hope your weekend was better than mine.

One bright note was this happy mail from "Friday's off Fabric Shop"

Some amazing low volume. I love newsprints fabrics and this blueprint make my technical designer heart sing :)

Monday, July 9, 2018


Here is the story of how I quilted myself in a corner

I had an idea about making a pixel pineapple table runner.

Schema were made, size of pieces of fabrics calculated (maths were made!!!)
and off we go.

First problem is when I noticed that the leafs are bigger than the body of the pineapple and to add to this problem, I manage to applique the leafs a bit crooked so it look unbalanced.

Well ok, I have more of the background fabrics so I add some strips on each side.

The result is a top too big to be a table runner, too small for a quilt top (and anyway, who want to have a big pineapple as a nursery theme LOL)

I guess I am not the proud designer and owner of a pineapple wall hanging.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Birds, pineapple and Baby Lock

First let me present you Sophie!!!  My new Baby Lock Soprano. We are still getting used to each other but it was love at first stitch! 
And bigger news! Baby Lock is giving me a TIARA II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get ready to see new videos 

Birdy has now been zigzag stitch but a love bird can't be alone! So I am working on his/her/it's sweetheart. They will need names.
- Romeo and Juliette is a bit overdone (and quite tragic)
- Harold and Maude (it does not feel like a spring/fall relationship)
- Brad and Angelina

If you have an idea, it is more than welcomed

I also started this pineapple. It had nothing to do with the July project Quilting challenge theme but it is a good incentive!  

Quilty math is the best kind of math!

Auditioning fabrics

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


This week I am working on this little guy

On the computer

In fabrics

This little guy is actually not that little, I made him 35" tall and he has about 20 different Fabrics

How not be inspired by those lovely creatures?

He should be in my store very soon :)

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Madame Jackie's quilt part 2

She is done! she is done! All ready to be gifted. It is lovely to be able to do a simple quilt. She is not very big, just enough to cuddle under on the couch or hang on the wall as a nice accent.

Now on to new things. My cat Quilt pattern as a huge success at Quebec Quilt and I had multiple people asked for a dog quilt. Well I got 10's of different suggestions going from a gecko to a buck :D

Sneak peak, I am working on this very good boy :)

And those love birds have been living in my computer for almost 6 months, it would be nice to make them live on fabrics :)

Tell me what low poly beast (or other) would you like to see?

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Miss Jackie's quilt

Every year, I  buy  thank my daughter's teacher by making her a quilt. Every year I ask her to learn what are the teacher's favorite colors.

This year the answer was Red, white and black......easy peachy. Well easy if I didn't wait until almost the last week of school to start this quilt :)

I used a white on white fabric, some nice beige and a cute farm print. For the punch I used a dark wine red as the border and appliqué Red EPP stars as a extra punch and interest. Where the quilt has simplicity in the piecing, I decided to quilt feathers with a swirl and pebbles filling.

Edit : Missing the binding and it is so cloudy outside I was not able to take a decent picture but I wanted to show the whole quilt. I will try to get a better (finished) picture as soon as the sun is out. (and it is nowhere as crooked at it look on this picture!!!)

Friday, June 8, 2018

Courtepointe Quebec / Quebec Quill 2018

Here is a few quilt candies that were at Quebec Quilt :)
As usual I got out with renewed inspiration.

This amazing quilted tunic made by the no less amazing Dominic Eherman

This Quilt has 7845 pieces! So complex in it's simplicity. Made by Franca Redivo and quilted by Colleen Paul

Best in Show! The texture in the quilting is lovely! I hope to be able to get inspired for my own quilting. Made by Jocelyne Martel

My FMQ teacher won another prize as she does every year lol. Marina Segalovitch. Love everything she does.

You probably have seen this winner at Quilt Canada 2017, This piece contain so many different technique that I am not sure where to start. Made by Colette Dumon.

I really enjoyed this piece from Dominic Ehrmann, easily recognizable with her 3D technique. I love adding 3D elements in my quilt but she is really the Queen of 3D  

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Put a fork in me

I am done

Happy but exhausted!!!

(as usual I had my bed in a hidden spot to be able to get through the whole 4 days 😃)

This weekend was Quebec Quilt Con. I met a load of new people and some "older" friends.

I also made a new best friend, here is Sophie

Yes I was able to get a new Soprano Babylock!!!!!!! and I might have more to tell about that very soon !

I was able to indulge in my shweshwe love. For a short story, they are cotton fabrics from South Africa! For the long story, go to their web site :)

Atelier Penelope where I was able to meet Patricia, the owner and finally get my hands on authentic Sashiko fabrics and thread! Can't wait to try this.

Next post I will talk about the amazing quilts that were presented 

Monday, May 28, 2018


Quebec Quilt is in a few days and I am not ready!!!!!!

Courtepointe Quebec / Quebec Quilt  is in a few days and I still have 3 quilts that are not finished.

And the threads......I am not sure but I think uncut threads multiply on finished quilts because when I think I found them all, more appear!

I sure hope to see you there!!!! I will be the small lady with dreadlocks that look like she is about to have a panic attack :)

See you there


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

No progress

Remember when I hoped to finish my Wolfgang 1 quilt for the next Monday?  Well more than a week week after that it is not done yet.

In more positive news, I still didn't start a new, the eternal optimist lol

That being said I was finally able to plant my balcony garden. Spring has been frigid in our corner of the country. I have one tomato plant, loose leafs salad because I can then have salad all summer, fine herbs for the same reason and finally planted some green peas because nothing taste as good as fresh peas.

So all in all I am alive!!! Just not sewing.....darn and Quebec Quilt is coming!!!!