Sunday, January 28, 2018

5 years late one penny short

First I want to let you know that "It's all gone Pear Shaped" pattern and kit are available at
Bill Locke sell all over the United States and Canada. The fabric Kit is 25$ (can) and the pattern only (paper) is 12$ (can) (prices in US$ will be available) This little wall hanging (or table runner) is awesome and easy to do. There....self promotion is out of the way :)

I made a scrappy basket!!! It was quite fun and easy in fact! I wanted to make one for a friend that is opening a sewing store in Montreal ( and she has a big bolt of the piping cord you use to make those bowls. What a better way to display her product? Ok it is the first one but I am quite happy with my uneven little purple basket lol. I just need to finish it!!! It can't stay a WIP

Second my Button art koi is growing too. It is my first time doing button art but it is such a nice way to use all those buttons!!! Hopefully by the end it will look more like a Koi fish and less like a black blob.

What else? Oh yes! I also posted a few water marbling videos!!

There is not a lot of explanations but I made videos using the same colours but different techniques and the results are very interesting.

Since my sewing machine is back from maintenance I will work on my medallion quilt!!! The due date is coming fast!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Have a great week everyone!!!!


  1. So glad your machine is back! Good luck with the pattern - I believe it will be a big hit. I might have to start a button project - I have a lot - my mothers/grandmothers and my collections. Not all fancy, but some are. Does it have batting - I wondered since it is in a frame.

  2. Your koi fish is so cool! Such a creative way to use your buttons!

    Also I love marbling, it's something I haven't done in years but the process is always so fun to watch! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You've got some really wonderful projects on the go. Enjoy!!