Friday, January 19, 2018

Josephine in maintenance

but it does not mean I am not creating :)

My Janome 8900 is having her bi annual maintenance so I had to manage without her. First I am happy to announce that I will soon have a kit available for the pear pattern! This table runner or wall hanging is adorable. It is 18" x 22". Missing the sewing but I love it.

I started a button art that include one of my hand marbled will be shaped as a koi!!! I am not that good at hand sewing buttons if you can believe it lol

And I did a few hand marbled Fat quarters that are curing as you read this. I have one quilt store that would be interested into selling those. Maybe it could be interesting! Each one is unique.

And finally I painted tiles and put resin on the kitties. Coasters maybe? All my little pieces worked fine but my big pieces were a mess this week. That is one thing with acrylic pouring. Sometime it work and it is the greatest feeling in the world, or everything suck and you feel you can't do anything good. :)


  1. I read your blog in an app called Leaf on my iMac. .. first just the post title comes up as the app is loading the text/content. When I saw 'Josephine in maintenance' I immediately thought 'and Peggy in accounting and Barbara in shipping and ....'. LOL.

    I like your pear! I find your koi button idea interesting - will you fill in with smaller and smaller buttons to refine the shape? I've seen this kind of work but never tried it.

    :) Linda

  2. Your fabric marbling looks good. I'm trying to resist getting into dyeing, but the day may come.Claire aka knitnkwilt

    1. These are beautiful marbles. You will find it addictive when you try it....

  3. That is a lovely pear. good luck with the dyeing!

  4. Gorgeous marbled fabrics! Good luck on broadening your exposure. But your pear really caught me eye. I love how the different angles and colors are assembled.

  5. Beautiful fabrics Yanicka! My husband has been playing with marbling acrylics on glass "flow painting" and so I keep sending him your instagram photos ha, because I like YOUR marbling...not so much his yet, but he's just a beginner and learning. The kitties are adorable, and that last water painting - love!! Good luck with the quilt shop selling your fat quarters. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  6. Whoa! Wow!! Your fabrics and your tiles are amazing! I love how your colors are clean and pretty rather than all muddied up.