Friday, February 9, 2018

Button Art Koi finished

My little mixed media button art is done and hanging at Atelier Fibers Art. The fabric have been hand dyed and I added some black glass beads to fill the holes between buttons. The first of many more I hope :) It was fun to just dig in my button stash (that live in a tin cookie box as expected by tradition)

Do you know Cathy jack Coupland?

She does amazing work with million of colorful stitches. I highly recommend you take a look at her work. It is amazing!

I decided to take a few minutes and try her technique. Let's just say that she make it look easy :P

This is one of my quilting squirrels.....I had to stop everything and make this piece! The handmade marbled fabric look so much like peacock feathers! Thinking about a pieced border. On my design wall for now.

My week was mainly doing work for other people. I am almost done quilting this Red-black and white quilt.

The last border has big loose favorite!

And I also did a binding. I am a weird one that love doing hand binding in front of the TV. This is a gift for the owner's  mom. I am sure she will be very happy.


  1. Me too! I am weird. I love hand stitching the binding down!! Lovely projects all.

  2. That feather like fabric is perfect as Peacock feathers and I really like the fish.. Very interesting to look at your work.

  3. Oh, wow! Yes, that peacock definitely needed to happen. And same here!! I *love* doing hand binding with guilt-free TV time. :) That's how I got to spend my morning. Netflix has some great stuff to choose from right now, too. I really like the effect of the beads with the buttons.

  4. Your black koi piece is stunning! Anxious to see the peacock finish! Oooh!

  5. You did a marvelous job on the koi, and love the peacock, too. Hand binding is one of those very fun things, when I have the time for it. In front of the TV is the way to go to really get it done in no time.

  6. whoa!!! The marbled peacock is AMAZING!!! I love it so much! The koi turned out great too!