Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sad and Sleepy

My Wonderful /sarcasm insurance company decided that in fact I am not sick and I had to get back to work.

There main proof is the fact that I in fact able to write this blog and do textile art. I repeated that all  the business part of what I do is all my husband doing and I am no where able to support my family. (All this is just a small taste of what my Americans have to deal with every time they have to deal with health insurance)

Le all this has been difficult and draining.

My only project that I have the energy to do is the quilt for my friend's mother 75th birthday. I plan to finish it for march 15th at the latest. This beast is 105" x 105"!!! I rarely have to battle such a big quilt lol


  1. I’m sorry for your struggles with insurance. It truly is agonizing and rarely do you get a satisfying answer. This quilt is so amazing and so huge! I’m not sure it would be the thing I could work on. Good for you for working on this terrific quilt.

  2. Ugh!! Insurance!! We pay so much into it and get so little back anymore, I'm starting to look into ways to get completely out of it. This looks like a nice quilt to "have" to work on. :)

  3. Bonne chance Yanicka. Je pense à toi :-)

  4. What a stunning quilt!! It will be a treasured gift, I am certain. Sorry to hear your insurance woes. It's a shame that those companies are more concerned about the bottom line than about patient health!