Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Next project

Quilting Wolfgang 1

Slowly but surely one project after the other is being crossed on my list.

Number 3

I've decided to just quilt organic lines that represent the fur for my wolf. I am still unsure of what to quilt on the background that is just plain dark blue that goes great with the eyes. My goal this week is to have this piece done and binded by next Monday.

Last week I had to go to the hospital for palpitations. It took all of 30 minutes for me to endup in a bed and wired to a heart monitor. Good news is that nothing is wrong with me and my fast pulse is caused by one or a combination of my medication. It is freaky to have a pulse of 130 when doing absolutely nothing.

I do not know if I ever talked about this on my blog but I found the absolute best waste of time ever LOL
It's called diamond painting and it consist of placing millions (ok not that many) little "diamonds" on little sticky squares.Imagine number painting without the mess of paint :D

I find it very zen and meditative. It help greatly to deal with stress and anxiety.....for some people I understand that it can be a form of torture lol

Monday, April 16, 2018

Going down the list

1 - Fractured image butterfly (done)

2 - Flower of the month table runner (done)

3 - Spanish tiles table runner (done)

4- Wolfgang 1 (background done, applique in progress)

5- Fractured image bunny (no progress)

6- Fractured image Eagle (no progress)

7- Fractured image Fernando the Flamingo (no progress)

Today is an ice storm kind of day so school is out. This is what I see from the window....enough to make everything glittery but not enough to cause major problems :)

Sunday, April 8, 2018

UFO's and WIP

I will not start a new project...
I will not start a new project...
I will not start a new project...
I will not start a new project...

I have decided to be a good girl and finish a bunch of UFO's and WIP ....let see how long this last.
Those project need to be done before May 24th for Quebec quilt.

Fractured image Butterfly is done!!!

The flowers of the months are being made into a table runner

I just have to finish the binding on the "Spanish Tiles" table runner

Wolfgang1 has to be applique and quilted.

Fractured image bunny need a head then applique and quilted

Fractured image Eagle need to be applique and quilted

Fractured image Fernand the flamingo also need to be applique and quilted

Just thinking about all this make me want to go take a nap.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Butterfly quilt and silk scarves

Another UFO is getting done. I am quilting this butterfly design in order to show it at Quebec Quilt at the end of May.

I made this butterfly using Timeless Treasures Ombre fabrics but it can be done using any colors. I think it would be a great scrap buster too but I do not have the time to do it yet.

I also had a bit of fun dying some silk scarves. It is always fun to play with water marbling and dyes. You never know what you will get and silk is amazing to work with.