Monday, April 16, 2018

Going down the list

1 - Fractured image butterfly (done)

2 - Flower of the month table runner (done)

3 - Spanish tiles table runner (done)

4- Wolfgang 1 (background done, applique in progress)

5- Fractured image bunny (no progress)

6- Fractured image Eagle (no progress)

7- Fractured image Fernando the Flamingo (no progress)

Today is an ice storm kind of day so school is out. This is what I see from the window....enough to make everything glittery but not enough to cause major problems :)


  1. Progress is being made on your list! Woo Hoo! And that ice! It looks so beautiful, but...brrr!!!

  2. The ice is so pretty, and I'm glad it's not causing too many problems. We usually lose power when we get an ice storm. :( Progress is being made on your list!