Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Next project

Quilting Wolfgang 1

Slowly but surely one project after the other is being crossed on my list.

Number 3

I've decided to just quilt organic lines that represent the fur for my wolf. I am still unsure of what to quilt on the background that is just plain dark blue that goes great with the eyes. My goal this week is to have this piece done and binded by next Monday.

Last week I had to go to the hospital for palpitations. It took all of 30 minutes for me to endup in a bed and wired to a heart monitor. Good news is that nothing is wrong with me and my fast pulse is caused by one or a combination of my medication. It is freaky to have a pulse of 130 when doing absolutely nothing.

I do not know if I ever talked about this on my blog but I found the absolute best waste of time ever LOL
It's called diamond painting and it consist of placing millions (ok not that many) little "diamonds" on little sticky squares.Imagine number painting without the mess of paint :D

I find it very zen and meditative. It help greatly to deal with stress and anxiety.....for some people I understand that it can be a form of torture lol


  1. Glad you know what was causing the palpitations - but never any fun. I am intrigued by the diamond painting but I'll work on some other kind of zen activity. I looked back at the whole quilt and maybe you could do snowflakes? The quilting looks great right now for Wolfgang.

    1. thank you dear :) Having palpitation is no fun but knowing what cause it really help with the stress :)

  2. Good news at the hospital. Are they going to change the meds, then? Or modify them? Your diamond painting looks great, but I don't have the eye-hand to do that, and yes, it would drive me crazy very shortly. LOL I like the way your wolf is coming along! That was a good idea, and another one will come to you when you need it for the background. =)

  3. Wow, I'm so glad they were able to find the source of your trouble so quickly. The diamond painting intrigues me as well, but like the others I think I'll find another way to "zen". So pretty though! Do you iron them down once they are placed? I'm curious. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  4. Wolfgang is impressive. I worry if he is too real, it may become a bit scary :-)
    I can see that putting little dots in little squares can be therapeutic. That would make the most dazzling gown with almost a million shimmering stones.