Monday, May 28, 2018


Quebec Quilt is in a few days and I am not ready!!!!!!

Courtepointe Quebec / Quebec Quilt  is in a few days and I still have 3 quilts that are not finished.

And the threads......I am not sure but I think uncut threads multiply on finished quilts because when I think I found them all, more appear!

I sure hope to see you there!!!! I will be the small lady with dreadlocks that look like she is about to have a panic attack :)

See you there


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

No progress

Remember when I hoped to finish my Wolfgang 1 quilt for the next Monday?  Well more than a week week after that it is not done yet.

In more positive news, I still didn't start a new, the eternal optimist lol

That being said I was finally able to plant my balcony garden. Spring has been frigid in our corner of the country. I have one tomato plant, loose leafs salad because I can then have salad all summer, fine herbs for the same reason and finally planted some green peas because nothing taste as good as fresh peas.

So all in all I am alive!!! Just not sewing.....darn and Quebec Quilt is coming!!!!