Tuesday, May 8, 2018

No progress

Remember when I hoped to finish my Wolfgang 1 quilt for the next Monday?  Well more than a week week after that it is not done yet.

In more positive news, I still didn't start a new project....me, the eternal optimist lol

That being said I was finally able to plant my balcony garden. Spring has been frigid in our corner of the country. I have one tomato plant, loose leafs salad because I can then have salad all summer, fine herbs for the same reason and finally planted some green peas because nothing taste as good as fresh peas.

So all in all I am alive!!! Just not sewing.....darn and Quebec Quilt is coming!!!! 


  1. Super les pots sur la gallerie. Moi je viens juste de semer des graines, il faut que j'attende plusieurs jours avant de voir du vert. Bonne chance pour le deadline, j'ai hâte de voir ton projet là-bas.

  2. I hope you get some spring energy going soon. It seems to be very slow coming everywhere this year!