Friday, June 8, 2018

Courtepointe Quebec / Quebec Quill 2018

Here is a few quilt candies that were at Quebec Quilt :)
As usual I got out with renewed inspiration.

This amazing quilted tunic made by the no less amazing Dominic Eherman

This Quilt has 7845 pieces! So complex in it's simplicity. Made by Franca Redivo and quilted by Colleen Paul

Best in Show! The texture in the quilting is lovely! I hope to be able to get inspired for my own quilting. Made by Jocelyne Martel

My FMQ teacher won another prize as she does every year lol. Marina Segalovitch. Love everything she does.

You probably have seen this winner at Quilt Canada 2017, This piece contain so many different technique that I am not sure where to start. Made by Colette Dumon.

I really enjoyed this piece from Dominic Ehrmann, easily recognizable with her 3D technique. I love adding 3D elements in my quilt but she is really the Queen of 3D  

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  1. Thank you for sharing these - all are so amazing in its own way. I especially love that coat!