Sunday, June 3, 2018

Put a fork in me

I am done

Happy but exhausted!!!

(as usual I had my bed in a hidden spot to be able to get through the whole 4 days ๐Ÿ˜ƒ)

This weekend was Quebec Quilt Con. I met a load of new people and some "older" friends.

I also made a new best friend, here is Sophie

Yes I was able to get a new Soprano Babylock!!!!!!! and I might have more to tell about that very soon !

I was able to indulge in my shweshwe love. For a short story, they are cotton fabrics from South Africa! For the long story, go to their web site :)

Atelier Penelope where I was able to meet Patricia, the owner and finally get my hands on authentic Sashiko fabrics and thread! Can't wait to try this.

Next post I will talk about the amazing quilts that were presented 


  1. Looks great. Funny, I was dropping off my machine for routine service and asked the sales lady what was her favorite right now and she said Baby Lock! The sell Janome/Bernina too so I was totally shocked. May be worth locking at, as the Berninas which I love are exra pricey! sounds like a marvelous time and glad you could rest as needed. Relax and give yourself a little time to recouperate.

  2. your new friend looks like a sweetie. :)

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