Monday, July 23, 2018

Reorganizing the studio

My studio is a mountain of stuff piled on top of more stuff right now. lol Me and honey decided to move everything in working space and also have a fixed recording studio rather then take everything out when I want to film for my Youtube channel. We used to have my studio in my living room, now it is a living room in my studio :)

In the middle of all the moving I was able to start doing free motion quilting on my new baby lock Sophie. It's funny how we have to go backward every time I start FMQ on a new machine but the lack of tension problems has been a welcomed surprise.

(and I need to wash the window again!!!!!! )

Here is a very bad picture of the Montreal Olympic stadium that is just beside where I work. It is a beautiful place with the botanical gardens, the Insectarium , the Biodome and the Planetarium just beside. It is a great place to go eat lunch and watch tourists :) I will try to get better pictures to show you. In fall and spring, in early morning the stadium look like a big white ghost in the mist. I really have to show you.

Monday, July 16, 2018

History of Cactus and Ouchies

But the ouchies has nothing to do with the cactus

First the cactus is virtual so it's pretty safe. :) I have been asked if I could do a fractured image cactus because it seem that they are very IN right now (writing that I had a flashback to the amazing series on Netflix "A series of Unfortunate Events" season 2, if you saw it, you know why)

The ouchies come from having surgery to remove a wisdom teeth that was giving me trouble.

I tried some designing and some sewing but between pain, hot flash, cold sweat and dizziness it was just better for me to just lay down.

So on my plate this week, I have a Cactus to design and pineapple to finish.

I hope your weekend was better than mine.

One bright note was this happy mail from "Friday's off Fabric Shop"

Some amazing low volume. I love newsprints fabrics and this blueprint make my technical designer heart sing :)

Monday, July 9, 2018


Here is the story of how I quilted myself in a corner

I had an idea about making a pixel pineapple table runner.

Schema were made, size of pieces of fabrics calculated (maths were made!!!)
and off we go.

First problem is when I noticed that the leafs are bigger than the body of the pineapple and to add to this problem, I manage to applique the leafs a bit crooked so it look unbalanced.

Well ok, I have more of the background fabrics so I add some strips on each side.

The result is a top too big to be a table runner, too small for a quilt top (and anyway, who want to have a big pineapple as a nursery theme LOL)

I guess I am not the proud designer and owner of a pineapple wall hanging.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Birds, pineapple and Baby Lock

First let me present you Sophie!!!  My new Baby Lock Soprano. We are still getting used to each other but it was love at first stitch! 
And bigger news! Baby Lock is giving me a TIARA II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get ready to see new videos 

Birdy has now been zigzag stitch but a love bird can't be alone! So I am working on his/her/it's sweetheart. They will need names.
- Romeo and Juliette is a bit overdone (and quite tragic)
- Harold and Maude (it does not feel like a spring/fall relationship)
- Brad and Angelina

If you have an idea, it is more than welcomed

I also started this pineapple. It had nothing to do with the July project Quilting challenge theme but it is a good incentive!  

Quilty math is the best kind of math!

Auditioning fabrics