Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Birds, pineapple and Baby Lock

First let me present you Sophie!!!  My new Baby Lock Soprano. We are still getting used to each other but it was love at first stitch! 
And bigger news! Baby Lock is giving me a TIARA II !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get ready to see new videos 

Birdy has now been zigzag stitch but a love bird can't be alone! So I am working on his/her/it's sweetheart. They will need names.
- Romeo and Juliette is a bit overdone (and quite tragic)
- Harold and Maude (it does not feel like a spring/fall relationship)
- Brad and Angelina

If you have an idea, it is more than welcomed

I also started this pineapple. It had nothing to do with the July project Quilting challenge theme but it is a good incentive!  

Quilty math is the best kind of math!

Auditioning fabrics


  1. Congratulation on your new Babylock! My LQS just started carrying them and they seem to be flying off the shelves! Your love bird block is precious! You love quilting math?! Wow! That's awesome! I struggle with it. I use the Robert Kauffman app to get me through. Your pineapple is so pretty! You seem quite talented!

  2. Lucky you! The sewing machine store I go to loves Babylock - that’s what the employees have - rather than Berninas. I haven’t tried one, but I do love my Bernina. I love the newer models but they are bigger and heavier....but have bigger throats - a needed feature. F the parakeets I have an idea - Monk and Rose (two types of parakeets). Have fun naming them!

  3. Love the pineapple! And for some reason Joanie and Chachi came to mind when you asked for suggestions for the birds.