What is your "Fractured image" technique

Sometime you will see me mention my "low poly" technique or "Fractured image" pieces. Wikipedia tell us that Low poly is a polygon mesh in 3D computer graphics that has a relatively small number of polygons. Low poly meshes occur in real-time application (aka games) Low poly is the technical term While Fractured Image is my own.

This is a Fractures image designed produced  by computer.

And this is a Fractured image dragon made by one of my friend designer. From design made by myself or others with their permission, I "invented" a technique to reproduce the same effect with fabrics. It is not patchwork or paper piecing and I can make great pieces easily as you can see on the video bellow

Here are a few pieces i made using my technique. :)


  1. This is an interesting process. I have had no luck with 3-D. For some reason I cannot get it to work in Photoshop. It is all grayed out. I must get some help on this. Love your pieces.

    1. I use illustrator. It is better for this process than photoshop. Thank you